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Statement of Purpose

“To promote excellence in the training profession through quality service to our clients by fostering teamwork, dedication to results and long term client and partnership relationships”

Down to Earth Training & Assessing is engaged in the design, development and delivery of quality training and assessment.

The business is built on the solid foundations of the extensive training and current experience of the Director/Senior & Junior Staff members & Qualified Trainers & Assessors.

Down to Earth Training & Assessing, its associates and partnerships are committed to maintaining and improving on the existing quality standards, and constantly service current resources to ensure that quality remains at the heart of the business.

Definitions of Training Terms

Accredited - a structured sequence of vocational education and training (VET) that leads to an Australian Qualifications Framework qualification or Statement of Attainment.

Non-Accredited - Training which is not nationally recognized.

Outcome - a result or consequence of participation in, or completion of an education or training program, e.g. employment, promotion, higher salary, further study.

Competency based Training - (or CBT) training which develops the skills, knowledge and attitudes required to training achieve competency standards.

Competency based Assessment - (or CBA) assessment which ascertains the ability of the student to apply particular knowledge, skills, attitudes and values to the standard of performance required in specified contexts. Students are assessed as being either competent or not competent.

Code of Practice

Down to Earth Training & Assessing will ensure that management strategies are adopted which will maintain a high professional standard in the marketing and delivery of vocational education training and which will protect the educational advancement and welfare of students.

  1. Marketing/Promotion
    Down to Earth Training & Assessing will market/promote its training courses/ competencies and training services with accuracy and professionalism. This will be achieved by on-going development of management strategies to respond to WA Local Government, Construction, Mining and associated industry sectors industry vocational training requirements. Where information on students/employers are included in any advertising, marketing and/or promotional material, Down to Earth Training & Assessing will ensure that appropriate prior written consent is obtained from those individuals or organisations.
  2. Course Information
    Down to Earth Training & Assessing will provide accurate and timely information to students on the content and location of vocational training courses, together with all costs/fees, course objectives, assessment methods, competency standards employed and any articulation arrangements.
  3. Recognition of qualifications issued by other RTOs
    Down to Earth Training & Assessing will recognise the AQF qualifications and statements of attainment issued by any other RTO. This includes any and all competencies within nationally endorsed Training Packages, together with Short Courses and/or Training Programs endorsed by State Training Accreditation Bodies.
  4. Education/Training Standards
    Down to Earth Training & Assessing will ensure that quality vocational training is provided to students and that such vocational training will have sufficient flexibility in the mode of delivery to ensure no learning outcome bias to any cultural group or gender.
  5. Access and Equity
    Down to Earth Training & Assessing will ensure that government policy, principles of access and equity are complied with. To achieve this aim, Down to Earth Training & Assessing will:
    • improve access to and participation in all programs and services
    • work towards removing barriers
    • ensure that vocational training courses/programs are responsive to the needs of both individuals and groups
    • provide advice on bridging and access programs for those students with special needs.

      Information regarding any pre-requisites to any competency or course training will be supplied to all students at the time of student application. Should these pre-requisites not be held by the student, the student is to be referred to an appropriate training/ licensing authority in order to obtain sufficient proof of evidence of compliance.

      Client/Student requests for access to any and all pertinent records is/are to be approved in line with Freedom of Information and Privacy Act 1988. Appropriate identification and/or authorising letter are to be verified prior to releasing such information.

      Release of student and/or training details will be consistent with federal and WA government policy including Freedom of Information (FOI), Equal Opportunity, Occupational Health & Safety, Anti-Discrimination, Privacy Act and the Department of Training Acts and Regulations.

      Access to the following information will be available to each client/student:

    • selection, enrolment and induction/orientation procedures;
    • course information, including content and vocational outcomes;
    • fees and charges, including refund policy and exemptions (where applicable);
    • provision of guidance for language, literacy and numeracy assessment;
    • client support, including any external support Down To Earth Training & Assessing has arranged for clients/students;
    • flexible learning and assessment procedures;
    • access to welfare and guidance services;
    • appeals and complaints procedures;
    • disciplinary procedures;
    • staff responsibilities for access and equity; and Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) arrangements.
  6. Recruitment
    Recruitment of students will at all times be conducted in an equitable and responsible manner. Recruitment policy will be managed on the stated principles of access and equity and will also take into account the student's abilities and aspirations. Relevant selection criteria, Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)/Recognition of Current Competencies and workplace assessment will also form part of the recruitment policy.
  7. Complaint/Appeal Mechanisms
    Down to Earth Training & Assessing will ensure that students have access to appeal mechanisms covering:
    • Recruitment selection, enrolment procedures, RPL/RCC, assessment, and placement
    • Other complaints.

    These will be consistent with federal and WA government policy including Freedom of Information (FOI), Equal Opportunity, Occupational Health and Safety, Privacy Act, and the Department of Training Acts and Regulations.

  8. Grievance Policy

    Down to Earth Training & Assessing will maintain written records of all complaints/ grievances/appeals made by students.

    The following steps will be taken with every complaint/grievance/appeal addressed to Down to Earth Training & Assessing:

    1. Where complaint/grievance/appeal is made verbally at the time of training and/or assessment, the student is to initially approach the trainer to attempt to resolve the issue.
    2. Should resolution not be accepted by the student, he/she is to complete the and sign COMPLAINT/GRIEVANCE/APPEAL FORM V1 and forward to Down To Earth Training for consideration under its Complaints, Grievances and Appeals process.
    3. Down To Earth Training will assess the complaint/grievance/appeal by the following methods:
      • Review evidence, including unfairly judged competence
      • Interview trainer/assessor
      • Interview complainant/griever/appellant
      • Comply with VET rules for appeals
      • Identify common grounds of agreement.
    4. Where the complaint/grievance/appeal evidence indicates the successful completion of the training by the student, Down To Earth Training & Assessing will incorporate such details into the Student and Course Records and issue the student with the appropriate Statement of Attainment.
    5. Where documentary evidence does not support the complaint/grievance/appeal, the student will be offered the opportunity of contacting an external agency for resolution of the grievance (as per Grievance Procedure Flow Chart).
    6. All details of contact with external agencies are to be recorded on the Complaint/ Grievance/Appeal Form.
    7. Successful/unsuccessful resolution of the conflict is to be recorded on the Complaint/ Grievance/Appeal Form.
    8. Should any litigation arise from an unsuccessful resolution of the complaint/ grievance/appeal, the company's lawyer is to be contacted and apprised of the details.
    9. Outcome of any litigation is to be recorded on the student's Complaint/Grievance/ Appeal Form.

  9. Payment & Refund Policy

    DTE will ensure that a fair and equitable refund policy is implemented with guidelines for the refund of fees when courses are cancelled discontinued or where students have adequate reason to withdraw from the vocational training offered.

      Reason for Refund Notification Period Minimum Refund
    1 Clients withdraw More than 7 days before course commences Full refund less $50 administrative fee
    2 Clients withdraw Within 7 days - 48 hours prior to the course commencing Full refund less $150 administrative fee
    3 Clients withdraw Within 48 hours prior to the course commencing No refund given
    4 Clients withdraw After the course commences No refund given

    The client will pay all course fees on the first day of any course unless alternative arrangements are first made in writing with DTE.

    If invoiced fees & charges are not paid within 30 days from date of invoice & collection services are required to collect outstanding amounts, the client will then be held responsible for charges incurred by the collection agency.

    Where paying by cheque, should the cheque not be met on presentation the client will be charged a dishonour fee in addition to their original invoice amount.

    All fees must be paid in full before your certification will be issued. Private students must pay no later than the day of training. An interim certificate will be issued on the final day of your training/assessment so long as a purchase order or payment has been provided to our office. Interim certificates will expire 3 months from the date of training.


If Down To Earth Training and Assessing cancels any course, the client will receive a full refund or at the client's election, a credit towards a future course.

If a client cancels a booking, please note that any cancellations not received at least 24 hours prior to the course commencing will incur charges for non-attendance ($150). If the booking is not cancelled & the client fails to attend, they will be invoiced for the full cost of the course (CTF rebates do not apply).

Medical or Personal Hardship

If a course participant is unable to complete a course and the client provides a medical certificate or shows extreme personal hardship, a refund may be paid at the discretion of the Director.

Candidate Confidentiality

Down to Earth employees maintain records on all candidates in keeping with standards of professional conduct and in accordance with direction from our VET regulator . Our staff also has access to candidate information via the Vettrak System for purposes of enrolment confirmation, results and record keeping.
In general, information regarding candidate personal and training information is maintained by Down to Earth staff in strict confidence.

By completing the tick box below, students acknowledge that information regarding there on line white card assessment may be released to their employer on request.

Proof of Identity (On Line courses)

Students will need to enrol with Down to Earth Training & Assessing and each student will need to acknowledge that they are the person who has enrolled for this course / assessment. Students will need to enrol with their own unique e-mail address and password before commencing the course/assessment.

A unique student ID number is then created for that person. This unique number is not to be used by any other person other than the student it is given to. The student acknowledges that they are the person attending the online unit, completing the enrolment details & completing the course/assessments.

No two students can enrol with the same email address or ID number.
Students who complete the assessment will be presented with a Statement of Attainment for the unit completed.

Students must acknowledge that they are the person completing the online unit.

Down To Earth Training and assessing is committed to you as the learner and we will work with you until competent.